Hello (7/12/2010)


I hope everyone has had a great week.

One thing I was able to partake of this week was calpis. I am sure you don't know what it is but it is like way good. It is like milk soda. It is so good. It is like drinking milk while you get that awesome soda feeling. It is way good. I also drink wheat tea all the time. It's made from the roots of the plants so its all good. The members drink it all the time. Which means we get the privilege of drinking it. It isn't that bad. It just tastes like cigarette water so it's pretty good. Almost as good as calpis. I also drink something called aquarias. It is pretty good. Its supposed to taste like gatorade but it doesn't. There is like no sugar in it. It is still pretty good but it does not taste like gatorade.

We also had zone conference. It was way good. We met President Baird. I heard from another missionary that he was a motivational speaker and if he wasn't he should be. He had alot to say and he said most of it while yelling. I think it is just how he is. We weren't doing anything wrong. He was just yelling. It was mainly about prayer. He said up in heaven there is a big room and it is full of presents. There are presents with everyone's names on it. There is a present up in heaven with Elder Nelson's name on it. I have to beg for that present. I have to ask everyday for that present which in my case might be the gift of tongues. I also need to ask for him to give investigators presents. The thing is that if the present is not in that room they can't have it. Some things rely on God's will and we have to realize that some things we just can't have. We have to figure out if it is God's will and if it is we have to beg and plead for that gift. I thought that was way cool.

Another thing he said that was way cool was that we are not set apart to fail. I thought that was way cool. Because we are missionaries we are not set apart to fail. Then If you step back and think about it, we are all sons and daughters of God. We are not set apart to fail. I think that is awesome. We have god on our side. He is there to help us so we cannot fail.

Right now I am in a ward. We average 70 people at church a week. It is pretty good but we can do better. My normal Sunday is that I go to church at 9. First is priesthood, then I go to Sunday School in English unless we have an investigator that speaks Japanese but we like them to hang out and get to know the members. Then it's sacrament meeting. Afterwards we have a ward missionary meeting. It has been with the second counselor in the bishopric because our Ward Mission Leader has decided to go less active. We then go and teach seminary because we usually have an investigator that goes. It is after church for an hour and a half once a week. Seminary is way hard over here. lol. Then we go home at like at 3 and eat lunch and then go teach people for the rest of the day.

It is going to be another great week. I hope you enjoy your week also.


Elder Nelson

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