Zone Conference (May 22, 2011)

Well we had another wonderful week.

We actually had the chance to go to Nagoya and have Zone conference. It was way fun to see other missionaries that I haven't seen in a while. It was incredible because President Baird only spoke for 10 minutes. I was shocked. He loves talking more than any person I know. But Elder Ishi of the quorum of the 70 spoke to us for like 30 minutes. He talked to us about his mission experiences and about how much things have changed since the time he served his mission. Then we heard from a doctor and a psychiatrist. Those two speeches were.........................interesting. They were good the doctor talked about how we need to wash our hands and do some other things that I have forgotten. Something about cleaning the bathroom often...ya I know not that important. Oh ya also about dealing with raw meet. Apparently we need to be more careful with raw meet, but I don't understand because Japanese people eat raw Chicken and Raw horse. I know pretty cool right. The other person talked about how we are all fallable human beings and we are supposed to fail. I'm not sure if that was supposed to help us or what but that was good. Then the zone leaders and assistants talked to us and conference was over. It was a very cool experience.

I had a cool experience this week. Well, my companion is officially dying. Ya I know it's sad but he has stomach issues and wasn't able to eat anything for three days. It was terrible. Not letting a missionary eat for three days has to be something like giving child birth. Man it was terrible. I know how the husband feels now. Alright maybe I am exagerating a little but not much. So I went out with the other missionary in my apartment and we went and taught english class. Like right when it was about to start this man walks in and starts asking me for pamphlets because he couldn't read the Japanese one that he had. He recently broke his leg and has some free time apparently. He is originally from Peru but can speak pretty good English and Japanese. Unfortunately all I had was Portuguese pamphlets but he took them. I invited him to church but unfortunately he wasn't able to come. He showed a lot of interest. It was cool because people don't ususally walk into church asking for pamphlets...hopefully we are able to meet him again.

Well actually an investigator called us this week and said the Book of Mormon was about Jesus' evil brother. I don't know where she found that but it's not in my copy of the Book of Mormon. It's too bad that things like that happen because of the internet but even though things like that happen it is good to know that through prayer we can find out if the Book of Mormon is true and we don't have to rely on other sources.

Have a great week

Love Elder Nelson

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