Subway (September 11, 2011)

Well I have a feeling that this weeks letter is going to be short...well I just started and I only have 10 minutes left. I have just been sitting here thinking about what I should write but nothing really came to my mind. My companion is doing good. He wanted to be cool so the other day he bought a bag of squid jerky and ate it all. I don't know what he was thinking but he ate it all so I was impressed. He is just trying to adjust to the culture which is really good. I also learned that erasing the board with you finger is bad in I always use a eraser but my companion used his finger and he got in trouble so if you are ever in Japan don't use your finger to earase the board.

I interviewed someone for baptism this week. that went really good. She was is a really good person and wants to follow Christ so thats really good. The spirit was really strong in the interview so that was really cool.

Also I like going to subway. Like its expensive but I mean after not having sandwiches for a year then coming to Ogaki and having a subway it just made me happy. I go there very often...not too often but often enough. But anyway I usually try to talk to the people working there but this time I talked to the lady working and just as we are about to leave she tells me that her mom died in February. And that because of that she doesn't like smoking or drinking which is cool but I am glad we have the plan of salvation and I am glad that for some reason she shared with us that her mom passed away...I don't know why she did but I am glad that we can share the plan of salvation. Its awesome that we have this.

Have a great week and go forward with hope...we actually talked about hope in our English class lesson this week and so that was great but hope is a great tool.

Elder Nelson

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